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Arthur Hunter-Blair is loathe to part with his original paintings and drawings and has always believed in creating original art that is accessible to all budgets, so, most works of art shown here can be reproduced in a unique and original format which will be created in the artists studio and signed as an artists proof. Prices for these are available on request but start at 125,00 euros.

In the future a series of post-cards will be produced in order to extend the range and the prices even further. Ideas for mounting these and other works will be on the site shortly.

The original paintings are for sale and the prices reflect the work and time involved in their creation. The drawings belong to the artists wife and she drives a hard bargain, but reproductions can be created as mentioned above. The original woodcuts can be purchased and there is also a selection of small reasonably priced original works, ideal for the first time collector. These woodcuts can also be reproduced in various sizes and the prices are available on request.

Please email for general information and payment details.